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by John Curran 18th December 2014

MAP UK is one of the newest and most rapidly growing premier advertising sites for the buying and selling of guns, rifles, shotguns and other kinds of firearms in the United Kingdom. MAP UK was launched in 2011 with the aim of being the UK’s number one online marketer and advertiser of firearms.

The advertisement charges given by MAP UK are much lower and more reasonable compared to the prices offered by competitors. Some of the gun advertisement sites in the UK put their title to the clients’ advertisements. This makes it inconvenient for the clients if they want to advertise their products on other sites because they have to generate another copy of the advertisement. At MAP UK, we believe that all the advertisements should remain as the property of the client. Hence, we do not put the title of our company on their images.

Without a doubt, most firearm companies choose to market their guns at MAP UK because of the following reasons:

• Excellent Customer Support
• The Website is Easy To Use & Navigate
• Cheapest on the Internet
• Advert Analytics
• Gun Traders get their own Website
• Access anywhere on your Mobile or Tablet

You may call us on 08715 088773 for enquiries.

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