How can Yabsta help my business grow? 





Yabsta is a versatile, natural language, local search platform that delivers relevant and accurate

information about local businesses in a highly interactive way. In doing so...


Brings Buyers & Sellers Together





Yabsta, Your Business and Major Search Engines

Major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and others index business websites. Yabsta is different. Yabsta indexes

rich, contextual data, not websites. The data is tagged with primary keywords, keyword synonyms, related keywords, misspellings

of keywords and brands. When a search is conducted it is matched with relevant listings that are tagged to the relevant keywords.

This provides accurate search results from natural language, not directory headings, so businesses do not need to have a website

or place expensive bids on keywords to place high in search results. This is great news for many small to medium size advertisers

and the web users who are looking for them.


Yabsta does not compete with the major search engines rather it is a tool that enables web users to drill down further into local

search. In many instances, the major search engines will take searchers to Yabsta and Yabsta will take them the rest of the way. 


By listing your business on Yabsta, you give your business cost effective 
exposure to web users who are interested in buying the products/services 
your business offers




Feature Rich Yabsta and Your Business

Whether your business needs direct response marketing or brand awareness marketing, Yabsta’s rich advertising features can help achieve the goals of
your business

•  Direct Response Marketing

When a user is presented with relevant search results they will then look for more information to help them make an informed

decision before making contact with a business. Yabsta’s interactive features enable users to see key bullet points, business

logos, links to email and websites, mapped locations and save and share information. It allows them to read reviews and even

make free phone calls to the advertiser. For a full description of advertising options visit Yabsta Products.

Brand Building

If your marketing goal is to build your businesses brand, Yabsta has a variety of different banners and features that will get your business noticed. Banners can be placed on the home page of Yabsta or you may prefer to use contextual banners that get triggered by keywords during a user’s search.


•  Push Technology

Yabsta offers integrated PUSH technology that literally pushes relevant advertiser listings at the most appropriate time. For
example, if a site user is searching for a hotel, in addition to hotel listings, a prompt will pop up asking if they might also like 
to look for rental cars or public transportation. PUSH technology delivers a richer search experience and in doing so it
increases advertiser ROI.


•  Get Online with Yabsta

Yabsta can develop engaging, professional and SEO friendly websites designed to your requirements and specifications.

Through Yabsta Digital Agency (YabDA) we can build both templated and custom design sites. So whether you need a simple

online presentation or a fully engaged site with a data base management system, we can deliver a site that really works for

your business.


•  SEM with Yabsta

Once your website is complete, we can manage & maintain an SEM strategy for your business & website. Managing even a

small pay per click campaign can be complex & requires specialized knowledge & experience. Significant considerations include:


•  Unwritten Rules

Major search engines often have unwritten rules regarding how campaigns should be set up and run. These rules have a direct impact on how much you’ll pay for the advertising; they include: 

- Keyword grouping

- Quality score

- Ad relevancy

- Click through rate management

- Bid pricing


•  Keyword Research

Most advertisers currently engaged in keyword marketing bid on 10 to 50 keywords. According to research provided by X they should be bidding on  500 – 3000 keywords. The right tools and strategies can make a huge difference in your campaign.


•  Ad Testing

Split testing enables an advertiser to compare the results of two or more versions of the same ad. The results of this research enables advertisers to fine tune their efforts and increase the profitability of an overall campaign.


•  Conversion Tracking

Yabsta reporting tools can track the actual percentage of advertising expenditure that generates sales.


•  Tools

Having the right online tools to create and manage pay per click campaigns is absolutely critical.


•  Targeted Sales Pages

It is important to send all of visitors to a targeted page that tells them exactly how you can meet their particular needs.


We'll create a solution for you that  capitalizes on the realities of today’s online search marketplace





•  Yabsta Network

We work in a global marketplace, rather than operating exclusively in a single walled jurisdiction; it’s beneficial to become

part of a network of jurisdictions. The Yabsta network enables users and advertisers to quickly and easily access multiple

jurisdictions, therefore, your business can attract potential customers from outside its immediate jurisdiction in a cost

effective way.


•  Yabsta Self-Provisioning

While our sales team is happy to assist you with all of your online needs, the Yabsta platform also offers a totally self-

provisioned module for advertisers. Self –provisioning gives you total control over your advertising spend and exposure

on Yabsta. You have the ability to sign in and create a profile. You can add business listings, features and banners,

view performance reports, change settings,view your order history, post discussion and videos…you can even add

classifieds ads.


•  Yabsta Reporting

Yabsta offers advertisers a comprehensive set of performance reports that they can access at any time via their

registered user accounts. Advertisers receive a full suite of Return On Investment (ROI) statistics that enables them to

review and determine the effectiveness of their advertising programme. By knowing which areas of your advertising are

working most effectively you can hone your advertising to give you maximum ROI.