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The Top 10 women Joe Biden might pick as vice president

Ambitious politicians spend years seeking to shape a career that allows them to wind up in the White House or on a major party's national ticket. But as the last week has reminded us, unforeseen events always seem to intervene -- and have the potential to fundamentally alter even the best laid plans.

05th, June 2020, 02:32pm

NY Times says Cotton op-ed did not meet its standards

In a stunning reversal, The New York Times said Thursday evening that a controversial op-ed from Republican Sen. Tom Cotton did not meet its standards. The statement came only hours after the newspaper's editorial page editor, James Bennet, defended publishing it amid outrage from staff.

05th, June 2020, 01:35pm

Emotional debate erupts on US Senate floor over anti-lynching bill

In an emotional exchange on the Senate floor, Democratic Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California spoke out Thursday against an amendment that GOP Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky was trying to add to anti-lynching legislation.

04th, June 2020, 11:34pm

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